We lived in Minnesota since we were born. The winter temperatures were nothing new to us. However, we did find a way to endure them much more comfortably. When our lease was up, we looked for apartments for rent in Edina MN that offered more ways for us to escape the winter chill and do more things that felt like summer. The first amenity that caught my eye is that they have both an outdoor and and indoor pool, and both of them are heated. This makes four-season swimming in Minnesota possible right where we live. They also have an outdoor and indoor spa tub.

Another great feature is underground heated parking. To top that off, there are heated underground tunnels that lead from the apartments to Club Cedars. The summer amenities to enjoy include a koi pond and turtle habitat. Our apartment has quartz countertops, stainless steel appliances and really big walk-in closets. Everything is centered around making tenants comfortable year round. We liked the attention to detail for the comfort and enjoyment of the residents, so we signed a lease after touring our apartment and the grounds.

We have been happy with our move. It is nice to not need to scrape ice and sweep snow off of cars in the morning before work. It is also nice to enjoy fountains and seating areas on the grounds in the summer that make you feel like you are at a nice park. I keep winter gear in my vehicle in case I break down during the commute to and from work, but it is nice to just walk to my car in January with just my suit on and not be cold. My wife usually wears dresses to her job, and she welcomes not having to don a parka for the morning commute too.

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