The development for Parc Life is coming along rather nicely, and I am happy that I am going to be one of the tenants living there. My husband and I have already taken care of all the paperwork, and now we are just waiting for the day that we can move in here. There are so many wonderful things that drew us into this decision that it is hard to pinpoint just one. I love the fact that we are right next to Canberra Park, and my husband is really excited about all the features that we get to take advantage of.

We both liked looking at the different floor plans for all the units, and picking out the one that we thought is best for us. Even though we do not have children right now, we both definitely want at least two. He wants two little girls, and I will feel blessed with whatever we are given. It is because we both want to start our family soon that we decided to start looking at ECs in the area. When we were first married, we got a one bedroom unit, and that is just not big enough for a growing family.

Looking at the floor plans, we both knew that we would like any of the units. The only thing we could not agree on at first was if we wanted to have a small yard and patio or a nice balcony with a gorgeous view. We kept changing our mind on that one because both are so appealing. Considering that is the only thing we are not sure of, I would say that we are in a pretty good spot as far as picking out the right unit for the two of us. This next chapter of our lives is turning out to be pretty exciting!

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